Monday, November 3, 2008

The Strangers Dvd Review-Horror Movie

Howdy folks ....Mr.Snake here again for another horror dvd review. This week I am reviewing the new dvd release starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman called " The Strangers". Well going into this I wasnt expecting too much having read some so so reviews from various horror sites. But I took it for what is worth and decided to check it out---well, I'm glad I did! Now I'm not going to come out and say this is the best horror/suspense movie Ive ever seen but I thought it was pretty good. It did have some really good suspenseful parts. Basically the movie centers around the main characters and their battles against the three villains of the Strangers. Liv Tyler and Scoot Speedman play a couple who after taking part in a friends wedding stay at Scott Speedman's characters family summer home. After getting to the summer home late they slowly begin to be terrorized by three unknown people,ie strangers. The whole movie takes place at the summer home where the couple tries to overcome the rage and violence of the strangers. The thing I really enjoyed about the strangers was the fact that it all took place in one setting. I think everyone has been alone at home before and had something scared the shit out of you. Because everything happens at the home you really can identify with the characters and their pain and fear. I also really enjoy the sound of the film. The old country music that plays from a old record player was really sick. The thing I thought was most affective of this film was the suspense. Alot of movies today...especially the horror genre are missing good suspense. Anyway, I give this flick 4/5.